Removing Dental Braces

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When it comes to removing braces, we believe it is not enough to simply take the wires and brackets out of a patients mouth.  We also believe that it is essential to provide teeth whitening services as well.  When a patient wears braces for a long period of time, tooth discoloration is inevitable.  One of the things that makes our office so unique in the city is the amount of effort we invest in making sure our patients enjoy a truly cosmetic outcome to their orthodontic treatment.

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There are 2 different procedures we perform, depending on what stage the patient is at in his or her corrective treatment.

Childrens BracesChild BracesChildrens Braces


If the patient comes to us looking for an adjustment, and his or her teeth are exactly where they need to be, we remove the wires, make alginate impressions of the upper and lower dental arches, and then return the wires to their proper places.  We pour the impressions in our office, and before the patient leaves, we schedule an appointment for removing braces in 3 weeks.  We send the impressions to a lab, where they are used to make bonded retainers.  When the patient returns, we bond the permanent retainers to his or her teeth and take new impressions of both arches, and we schedule another appointment in 1-2 weeks.


When the patient returns, we provide the individual with bleaching trays and the backup removable retainers made in the lab.  These retainers are made from the models we created using the PVS impressions and they are made out of.040 ortho splint material, trimmed 2mm from the gingival margin.  These devices work exceptionally well as back-up retainers and as whitening trays.  Typically, 2 weeks of at home bleaching following removing of braces removes all tooth discoloration and creates a smile that looks better than ever.


There are times, though, when a patient comes to us and his or her teeth are just a bit out of alignment.  Prior to removing braces in these cases, we must make a few adjustments.  We normally give the patient approximately 1 month for these adjustments to completely correct the alignment of the teeth.  When patient the patient returns, and after removing the braces, we also remove all cement and pieces of bracket that may still be attached to the teeth.  We polish the patients teeth, but we deliberately leave the majority of the bonding material temporarily in place.  This glue functions like a reservoir for custom bleaching when we pour the models for the trays.  We take impressions, pour the models with a material called stat stone that sets in 5 minutes, and we make the take-home, removable bleaching trays right there in the office


While we are waiting for the stat stone to dry, we then remove the bonding material and polish the patients teeth.  PVS impressions are then sent to the lab for the fabrication of the bonded retainers.  We send the patient removable retainers, whitening trays, and material for bleaching.  The patient then returns in 2-3 weeks to have his or her bonded retainers placed, and the removable retainers are trimmed on the lingual from canine to canine in order to fit over the bonded retainers. 

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Cosmetic Dentistry is a specialized field that requires extensive knowledge and experience to be done correctly. The Medical Center Dental Group in Houston, Texas brings all of that and more to the direct benefit of each and every patient we treat. Although we are located in the world famous Houston Medical Center at Scurlock Towers, we routinely see dental patients who travel from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Beaumont Midland and Houston, Texas to see Dr. Dale Brant, Dr. Charles Campbell or Dr. Elizabeth OSullivan-Winslow for their cosmetic denistry services. 

For any other questions related to cosmetic dentistry, you can Contact Us at 713.795.5905, visit our Dental Blog or Ask the Dentist

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