A Medical Air Compressor Is A Must For A Dentist Office

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A medical air compressor is a mechanical device that pressurizes normal room air, and it is often used to power tools used in dental offices. The system must be capable of producing a clean byproduct and reliability is also a necessity, so it doesn’t just break down in the middle of a visit. A quiet unit will put the patient at ease, and it must be durable enough to withstand everyday use. The right system is integral to a dental office, and there are plenty of high-quality choices so the best device can be found.

A machine that can provide compressed air is essential in the practice, and advancements in technology means an oil-free and ultra-dry system is also out there waiting. The device must be built for operating in a dental environment to avoid risking the health of the patient.

An oil-free medical air compressor reduces the need for constant maintenance, as there are no lubrication points. The system runs cleaner and there is no risk from oil vapors to the fragile instruments. There is a special ring that lubricates the housing of the cylinder so there is almost no friction with the motion, so these systems run quieter, too.

An ultra-dry delivery system is important because it encourages a healthy mouth and environment. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, and the ultra-dry delivery of air reduces unnecessary health risks that can spread from the machinery to the environment. The smell and taste of the ultra-dry unit is neutral, so the treatment area does not smell like a doctor’s office.

Patient comfort is vital to a successful office, and the correct type of medical air compressor can make this possible. Today, a number of devices provide quiet functioning, so noisy machinery is a thing of the past. The sound of the drill can cause anxiety for any patient, but the machines are designed with an ultra-quiet feature that makes it easier to put even the most anxious of patients at ease.

One device can service a number of treatment rooms, and the capacity of the tank dictates the load it can handle. Tank capacity starts at 10 gallons and this can function efficiently in up to three treatment areas. A 32 gallon tank can service up to 10 treatment areas comfortably. The larger the tank capacity, the larger the machinery, so the amount of space available for storage should be considered before purchase.

Each office is as unique as its patients, and having the proper capacity and features is important to perform a successful treatment. A medical air compressor is a must for the office, and it is a good idea to investigate what the system can provide using side-by-side comparisons. A meager budget can be accommodated using special financing options available through many retailers or manufacturers.

The ideal medical air compressor is an asset to the dentist office, and increases performance and functionality. A careful investigation of features helps the office improve the treatment room while remaining within a budget, so it is important to know which one works best for the situation. A good purchase is a long lasting investment that enhances the dental office while putting the patient at ease.

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