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Dental Implants

Houston residents are quickly discovering dental implants as a viable option, when combating tooth loss. Traditionally, tooth loss has been treated with dentures, partials or bridges. Today, Houston residents have a more permanent option. Implants are not for everyone, so the professionals at Medical Center Dental Group of Houston, carefully screen clients to ensure they are good candidates for the procedure. Fortunately, most individuals in Houston can benefit from dental implants.

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People are often shocked to discover that the Egyptians used a crude version of dental implants over 2000 years ago. These primitive examples consisted of carved seashells, which were wedged between the existing teeth and hammered into the bone. This barbaric practice was mildly successful. In the 19th century, people tested out different materials that would make a good substitute. By 1964, dentists began to use pure titanium as the primary metal of choice for dental implants. This came about after attempts were made to use gold, porcelain, silver, and even lead.

Today, Americans all over the country and in the city of Houston use implants to replace missing teeth. These oral fixtures look and feel so natural that many people do not even think about the fact that they lost a tooth. Medical Center Dental Group in Houston uses the most advanced technology, when going about any oral procedure. Many people have had their waning confidence restored after this procedure. Houston residents will receive the highest level of professional care from our knowledgeable staff.

What exactly is a dental implant? It is similar to an artificial tooth root placed into the bone by a dentist. They are great for holding replacement tooth bridges or dentures in place and are a perfect option for anyone, who has lost teeth due to periodontal disease, injury, or decay. These oral fixtures are the best solution to missing teeth. They are more effective than bridges or dentures alone.

Houston residents can benefit from Medical Center Dental Groups implants in many ways. The aesthetic quality of these oral fixtures makes them look and feel just like regular teeth. These fixtures integrate smoothly into the bone structure, preventing bone loss and gum recession that are seen all too often with bridge and denture work. Individuals can also profit from the tooth saving abilities.

These oral fixtures do not sacrifice the quality of adjacent teeth unlike bridges, since neighboring teeth are not changed or altered to sustain the dental implant. This will benefit the overall oral health of all Houston residents. Good candidates for this procedure are individuals, who have healthy gums and are not suffering from any type of periodontal disease. Medical Center Dental Group experts know the trade of dentistry and can determine whether or not any Houston resident is a good candidate for this procedure.

Dental implants are constructed out of Tivalloy, which is compromised of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium. This alloy has a layer of titanium oxide common to most pure titanium implants. Every implant is designed to maximize the use of available bone space. Once the procedure is complete, Houston residents should follow our detailed instructions on home care and maintenance to ensure that the procedure was not done in vain. Our experts will schedule several follow-up visits every 3-4 months, along with regular cleanings, so your oral health does not deteriorate.

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We are a cosmetic dentistry company located in Houston, Texas.  We service clients throughout all 50 states into cities like Houston, Texas, Scottsdale, Arizona, Seattle, Washington (SEA),  Los Angeles, CA (LAX) Boston, Massachusetts (BOS), Princeton, NJ (EWR), Philadelphia, PA (PHL), Dallas, Texas (DWF), Chicago, IL (ORD), Baltimore, MD (BWI), and Minneapolis, MN (MSP).  We also service clients internationally, including  Canada, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia, Mexico, Central America, and South America. 


For any other questions related to cosmetic dentistry, you can contact us at 888.790.0309 or feel free to Ask the Dentist.

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