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Cosmetic People who are unhappy with their smile often procrastinate taking steps to correct it because they simply cannot bear the thought of wearing metal braces.  For these people, Invisalign cosmetic dental braces offer an aesthetic alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments that achieves the same results without any visible signs of treatment in process.  This orthodontic breakthrough uses a series of custom made, removable appliances called aligners.  They are made to fit the teeth so unobtrusively that they are virtually invisiblehence the name, Invisalign.

Dental Braces  

There are a number of very important advantages that Invisalign cosmetic dental braces offer that are worth taking notice of:


1.       The first and foremost advantage from a subjective standpoint is that Invisalign is comfortable.  Because it does not use wires or brackets like traditional braces, there is nothing to irritate the gumline.  The aligners are made of clear, medical grade plastic that is virtually undetectable.

2.       The second advantage is that Invisalign aligners are removable. Patients can take them out when they eat and brush their teeth, then put them back in.

3.       Using 3-D technology, the Cosmetic Dentistry Center can show patients what their teeth will eventually look like with cosmetic dental braces.  Dentists also show patients what each step in the treatment will accomplish as the plan unfolds.

4.       Aligners are custom made for the teeth of the individual, and are capable of making very precise adjustments to the teeth at very subtle levels that contribute to a much more pleasing overall outcome.


The treatment begins with a diagnosis of teeth alignment problems.  Sophisticated computer technology helps our dentists determine where each tooth needs to be adjusted to create a new, natural, and uniform smile.  The dentist creates a virtual forecast of what the new smile will look like, along with a virtual forecast of each individual stage in the process.  Using the data from both the diagnosis and the forecast, the cosmetic dental braces are then custom-made to fit the patients teeth.  This allows them to make the most intricate alignment adjustments with no discomfort to the patient.  Each subsequent phase in the treatment involves the creation of a new set of aligners, each again customized to accomplish the corrective requirements of that particular stage in the plan.


During the first phase of the treatment, cosmetic dental braces are worn for a minimum of two weeks, 22 hours per day.  Patients only remove them for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene.  Although the adjustments made to the teeth may be only millimeters a day, the results incrementally add up over time.  When the first stage is completed, the dentist then makes a new set of cosmetic dental braces according to the treatment plan that was originally developed on the computer.  The next phase then continues according to the same general time frame and pattern as the first.


With each subsequent phase in the Invisalign process, the cosmetic dental braces work on an unseen level to make visible and very noticeable improvements to a persons smile.  The entire treatment plan, depending on the degree of correction required, can take as little as 9 months and as many as 15, with anywhere from 18-30 actual sets of cosmetic dental braces being used in the process.


How much is the price or cost of cosmetic dental braces?
The price and cost of cosmetic dental braces depends on the degree of correction required and the unique challenges of the procedure. The Medical Center Dental Group of Texas charges competitive rates for this, and all other procedures we perform. More importantly, we will give your case the care and attention it deserves.

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If you are looking to improve your smile without diminishing it with visible orthodontics in the process, please call us at 1-888-790-0309 to schedule an appointment for this highly specialized and technologically advanced alternative to metal braces. 


Cosmetic Dentistry is a specialized field that requires extensive knowledge and experience to be done correctly. The Medical Center Dental Group in Houston, Texas brings all of that and more to the direct benefit of each and every patient we treat. Although we are located in the world famous Houston Medical Center at Scurlock Towers, we routinely see dental patients who travel from Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Beaumont and Midland Texas to see Dr. Dale Brant, Dr. Charles Campbell or Dr. Elizabeth OSullivan-Winslow for their cosmetic denistry services. 
For any other questions related to cosmetic dentistry, you can Contact Us at 713.795.5905, visit our Dental Blog or Ask the Dentist.

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