Calcium For Teeth

Calcium-rich Foods and Supplements are Necessary for TeethCalcium-rich Foods and Supplements are Necessary for Teeth

Calcium is one of the best minerals you can take for your teeth.  It has been proven to decrease the likelihood of periodontal disease in older women.  This is because it strengthens bone density and reduces the possibility of gum tissue becoming diseased.  Calcium is equally beneficial for the teeth of the very young.  Babies actually begin forming teeth prior to birth, so pregnant women who eat a high calcium diet give their children a head start on good dental health.  It has also been observed that pregnant women with a high calcium diet tend to have children with very healthy teeth.

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This mineral is actually essential to every cell in the body, and almost every bodily function uses it to some degree.  It is vital to nerve impulses, heartbeat, blood clotting, and muscle contraction. 


Although calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body (due to the fact that bones are formed from it), the majority of Americans do not get enough calcium in their food.   These people are largely unaware of calcium deficiencies in their bodies until they are much older, and conditions such as gum disease and osteoporosis show up. 


Scientific studies have concluded that every adult should get at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium each day to maintain the health of their teeth, gums, and bones. 


One way that people can get the calcium they need for teeth and bones is to eat calcium-rich foods such as dairy products, green, leafy vegetables, tofu, salmon with edible bones, and even sardines in a can. 


Another way to get this essential mineral is to take calcium supplements.  These supplements are available over the counter, and they are very inexpensive.  Different types of supplements exist that offer different types of benefits.


         Calcium carbonate is the cheapest supplement for teeth and bones, and it also happens to be the most concentrated.

         Calcium citrate is the supplement most easily digested by the stomach.  Dentists and doctors typically recommend this supplement to older persons and persons taking acid-blocking drugs.

         Calcium lactate is the least concentrated form and also the most expensive.  However, it is rapidly absorbed by the body and very convenient to take.

         Coral calcium tablets have become famous due to television advertising, and are a source of naturally occurring calcium that has been demonstrated to be exceptionally beneficial to the health of teeth and bones.


Certain vitamins and minerals also help the body process calcium.  Absorption of calcium into teeth and bones peaks when there is a 2-1 relationship between calcium and magnesium.  Vitamin D also helps with absorption, which is why it is added to milk.  Children can best meet their daily requirements by taking chewable tablets which break down more quickly in the stomach.


When taking supplements for teeth and bone health, it is good to skip a dose every now and then.  Studies have shown that the body has a surprising tendency to keep absorption rates at a higher level, as if anticipating the next dose.  


Some people, however, should avoid using supplements.  People suffering from kidney stones or a hyperactive parathyroid gland should consult with a doctor and see what foods are the safest and most appropriate sources of calcium for teeth.

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